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Exhausted, Overwhelmed, and Hopeless

is NOT how you want to be feeling every day.


Leaving us disconnected from our bodies, numb, and shut down.

Are you afraid to admit that you want to feel

sexy, juicy, and powerful again?

Do you wish you had the energy to climb out of the murkiness you have been swirling in?

Do you feel you need more support to create a life of profound pleasure & peace beyond what you have imagined?

It is not fair that the pandemic has left us feeling so alone:
so numb...
so stuck...
so tiiirrreeed!

Repeatedly, I have been there.

And it sucks every time.


I have bled myself dry and martyred myself

till I had nothing left to give.

I dropped into deep states of depression and hated everyone around me.

I became incredibly anxious with all the responsibility on my shoulders.
The resentment for my kids and my partners grew because I never got to experience anything for me.

I lost connection with myself and all pleasure seemed to disappear from my life.

I'll never forget the day I finally decided things had to change.

While collapsed crying on my kitchen floor,

I asked for divine guidance.

I declared that I was willing to change things. I declared that I was tired of this bullshit and I was ready to believe that I deserved better (and that my boys did too).

I promised that if I was taught how to deeply heal and create a life full of pleasure and bliss, that I would teach as many women as possible to do the same.

We are all worthy of experiencing love and bliss.

Turned Off 2 Turned On is me keeping my promise.

This course is for you if...

You have a deep yearning to know how to make love to yourself

You desire to experience the life of your dreams with profound amounts of pleasure.

You know you are meant for a better life where you are valued, respected, supported, and appreciated.

You are willing to commit to trying something new to create new habits

You desire to access immense amounts of energy to serve yourself
and those you love.

Amanda has been such a light of my life. When I met her I was a huge ball of fear. She help me to feel comfortable in my skin. At ease at asking for what I wanted and needed. Amanda reminded me that my voice matter and needed to be heard. I am a whole new woman through Amanda's love and guidance!! 

Amanda’s energy, and therefore Amanda herself, is the Most Beautifully Magnificent, mentally, spiritually and physically evolved being on this planet I have ever had the blessing to meet in this lifetime.That is simply the best compliment I could ever give anyone, and Amanda deserves these kind words, and more.

When I first spoke to Amanda, I could feel her warmth and light radiating between us. The positivity and kindness she exudes each time I see her is enough to make me forget about my worries and focus on the beauty of the present moment. I feel extremely grateful to have met someone as caring and compassionate as her. 

How it Works

What You Receive:

1 Full Day IN PERSON

Pleasure Temple Transmission
(July 30th, Wallingford, CT)

8 Temple Transmissions (LIVE ZOOM)
(Thursdays 4pm starting August 4th)

8 Transformational Tantric Practices/Rituals
(Recorded Audio)



3 PDF's and 2 Tantric Meditations

8 Temple Affirmations/Mantras 

 8 Temple Anthems


Bi-Weekly Group Q & A Calls


Facebook Course Group for  Support

This course is held in person for 1 whole day and then online!

The 8 30+ minute temple transmissions and sexual gateway practices have been recorded for you.

You will have access to the recordings for a lifetime.

You receive instant access to a bonus immediately.

Alumni tell me that they LOVE to go through this course again and again.

If you have any questions email


‘OH MY GODDESS’ this is exactly what I need!

Full Day In Person
Pleasure Temple Transmission

Come and enjoy a day of sisterhood and sensual pleasure!

Together we'll drop our sexual shame and fully honor these sacred bodies we have been gifted! Let your inner Goddess be fully expressed, seen, heard, honored & celebrated!

This daylong event will be an experience that will support you in reclaiming your radiance! Your energy, your vitality, your glow, and your confidence. These practices will support you in learning what your body desires NOW, no matter what phase of womanhood you are navigating.

COMMIT to your pleasure and gift yourself this experience of sensuality & sisterhood to rewrite the societal narrative of what it means to be a woman projected on to you. Up-level your experience of life and remember why you said YES to being here on earth during these intense times. Let’s move from feeling hopeless, overwhelmed, exhausted, and turned off to sexy, powerful, radiant, and TURNED ON!

After we tap into our divinity and intentions, we’ll begin to explore sensual ways of melting open and meeting ourselves with love.

A few possibilities are:

Rose 3

Orgasmic Breathwork 

Rose 3

Regal Releasing

Rose 3

Tender Rose Heart Breast Massage

Rose 3

Yoni Egg Practice

Rose 3

Healing Self Touch

Rose 3

Eye Gazing

Rose 3

EPIC Dance Party!

The  Online Content

Rose 3

Temple 1 - Learn the Power of Self-Commitment

Your journey begins as Amanda introduces her alchemical process of creating a tight container for profound transformation. This week's process and ritual will reconnect you to your energy body and the orgasmic potential it holds. This will set you up for tremendous success in this course and beyond! This is a powerful method of manifestation and a pathway to pleasure that can be reused again and again and again.

Rose 3

Temple 2 - Experience Pleasure as Prayer

This week we dive straight into the juicy stuff! We'll get really clear on the possibility of pleasure and how to welcome more of it into our lives, bodies and relationships. You will learn about the magic contained in the mysterious portal to the universe that is your Yoni and how to honor and awaken her with reverence and devotion. Learn how committing to pleasure as prayer allows potent energetic Eros to miraculously unlock latent gifts and abilities!

Rose 3

Temple 3 - Meet Your Beloved Protector

The thorns of the rose are just as important as the bud. Time to heal our throat chakras! The throat and Yoni are intimately connected. This week is all about owning our truths and restoring boundaries. You will meet the divine beloved protector within and begin to trust that it is safe to honor the innate current of Eros that animates you. Anchoring into this practice allows your pelvis to open to greater and greater currents of intense energy!

Rose 3

Temple 4 - Surrender to Abundance

This week we focus on taking an intense look at our mental stories and how they color our lives. We work on clearing out our energy body so that we can soften and surrender to all the abundance, pleasure and bliss available to us. Like the flower bud, our clitoris (our second sexual gateway) blossoms and awakens in her own time through trust, appreciation, sensitivity, patience, kindness, support and softness; welcoming us into more playfulness and innocence around our sexuality and how we experience pleasure.

Rose 3

Temple 5 - Discover Self-Compassion

One of the biggest blocks to progress I see time and time again is the inner critical judge. This bitch slows us down with shame and self-hatred. This week we focus on turning the judges dial down, integrating her motive and awakening the wise womban within. We will create a remembrance of the cosmic womb as we engage in practices and journey through the womb elemental gates.

Rose 3

Temple 6 - Embrace the Practices of Letting Go, Forgiveness & Acceptance

What rage & resentments are you holding around your heart and your goddess spot or G spot (the third sexual gateway)? Find out how these things we unconsciously hold prevent us from the deep wells of pleasure and intimacy that we crave and how to release them!

Rose 3

Temple 7 - Blossom with Gratitude

We will raise our vibration and allow our rose heart centers to fully unfurl with simple, yet profound Tantric practices. We will nurture ourselves and deeply honor our temples with sacred breast massage while activating our juicy, shimmering, multi-dimensional orgasmic potential!

Rose 3

Temple 8 - Celebrate with Devotion 2 the Goddess (That's YOU!!)

Celebrate the journey you have taken and experience Divine Union within as you fully embody your soul and merge heaven & earth. Together we will honor another sexual gateway, the literal throne of our being, by massaging our cervix into a state of relaxation, softness and openness. This will allow pleasure and divine consciousness to fully permeate every molecule of our entire being!

Rose 3


  • Creating Sacred Spaces & Altars (PDF)

  • Moon Blood Mysteries and Practices (PDF)

  • Loving Ourselves Ideas/ List (PDF)

  • Yoga Nidra (Audio)

  • Cord Cutting Ritual (Audio)


What are you waiting for?

Temple Doors Are Open!

Turned Off 2 Turned On is now open for enrollment!

This is your chance to have a complete full bodied transformation and a lifetime of pleasure.

First 5 to sign up receive Early Bird Pricing!



Radiant Goddess Package

Access to all the Course Content, Bonuses, FB Group and Full Day In-Person Experience


Includes Everything in Radiant Goddess Package & two
1hr 1-on-1 Tantric Radiance Sessions with Amanda.



Access to all the Course Content, Bonuses and FB Group. 

VIP Ticket

Virtual Radiant Goddess Ticket





When does this start? 
Saturday, July 30th, 2022!

How does this work? 
Content will be released weekly to your email box.

Do I need to be present for the live phone calls? 
It isn't necessary but highly encouraged! These calls are a chance to deeply connect with me and your tribe of sisters. Calls will be an opportunity to ask questions live. All calls will be recorded and posted immediately for your convenience if you miss it.

What if I have not meditated before? Is this still right for me? 
Absolutely! All meditations will have a guided audio to help you feel comfortable with this simple powerful practice.

I am super busy right now...
What if I don't have time to take the course right now?

No Worries. Content may be delivered to you weekly, but it is entirely up to you as to when you engage. Everything will be recorded for your reviewing pleasure. You will have lifetime access to this content. You can always return for a refresher, in fact past clients report watching some of the videos repeatedly!

Are you offering a payment plan? 
Yes! You can choose to pay in 2 payments if you wish. You can find the payment options at the bottom of this page.

Can you guarantee specific results?
These practices have changed my life and I deeply believe in them. Past Queens who have signed up, committed to themselves and done the work, continue to report a significant increase in high vibe, blissful experiences.


Loving Disclaimer: Per my attorney's recommendation: I don't guarantee specific results as "success" is based upon client participation. 

More Questions?
Please email Amanda at:


About Amanda

 Amanda Ananda is an International Tantric Facilitator and Domestic Goddess of 2 outrageous young boys. Amanda has a diverse Tantrica background that allows for a unique, blissful and radiant experience to unfold in her workshops, online courses and sessions. She has studied with The School of Tribal Tantra based on Kashmir Shaivism and Shamanic Ritual, Ipsalu Tantra – Kriya Yoga based on Osho’s dynamic teachings, and Babaji Nagaraj’s esoteric Cobra Breath Technique and Urban Tantra combining modern tantric philosophy with conscious kink. Amanda as a life-long student, immersed herself in the sacred teachings from the Temple of Isis and Mary Magdalene, and is most recently now diving deeply into Somatic Trauma Healing. She encourages you to live blissfully in this intense world by gently taking care of yourself and making joyful well-being your first-and-foremost priority. Her techniques will help you to become embodied with simple-yet-profound, heartfelt tools that you can apply in your daily life.

Working with Amanda will assist you to clear the “murky gunk” that blocks you from your true light, guiding you in opening up to the miracle of life, and embracing the bubble of “ananda” (or, in English, bliss!) that is constantly accessible to us all. She is tremendously enthusiastic and humbled to share these teachings with the wonderful souls who say ‘HEAVEN’S YES’ to time spent with her.

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