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You Deserve Pleasure Too!

I help overwhelmed adults experience peace, confidence, radiance and profound pleasure by sharing ancient tantric techiniques

Welcome Queen!

Do you suffer from debilitating cycles of

Burn Out and Overwhelm?

Then you are in the right place!

My name is Amanda Ananda - which means "worthy of love and bliss" and I am here to help woman like you, experience this truth by reconnecting you to the powerful

Divine Mother Goddess Within!

I will guide you to connect to your feminine wisdom,

help you to experience what it's like to overflow with LOVE,

and activate your Fierce Radiant Self!



Woman in White Blouse

"Amanda’s Divine Feminine course set me on a path of much needed balance. I was living for everyone else, and in a way that was linear and controlled. She taught me how letting go was the path to getting what I desire, that my female energy is my value and to be valued by everyone in my life, and if I let it, my pleasure can be my top priority. It was like meeting myself as an old friend I hadn’t been with in years."

Mary T.

Woman Posing

"I have never worked with someone of Amanda’s Caliber.
My life has COMPLETELY changed in just 6 months. Every single goal I set forth and wanted to complete I did. She showed me how to be real, present, balanced in my emotions/ what I wanted to accomplish and yet still be able to enjoy the sweetness of the present moment. She knew exactly what I needed & when I needed it. She is incredible. If you are SERIOUS about radically shifting your life but need the same amount of care & nurturing along the way I would recommend Amanda. She truly embodies the divine mother, I am forever grateful for her in my life.

Miranda S.

Confident Curvy Woman

"Deep gratitude for the past few months! Working with you has been beautiful springboard for this next season and I am really grateful because it really changed the tone of my winter and my ability to blossom into spring. To have your support, guidance and love. I appreciated how you set sacred space and welcomed all parts and emotions within me. I just wanted to send tthat gratitude to you.."

Mariel Y.

My intention for my 1 on 1  sessions are that you walk away with a Deep Connection to YOUR Powerful and Wise Womban, Trust in the Divine Mother and 

feel unwavering support. 

These sessions are designed to allow you to be in flow with what is present for you and the barriers you are momentarily experiencing. Allow me to hold space for you to reconnect with your heart, body and souls truth as you remember your true self and the wisdom you already possess. You will receive practical tools to support your journey in embodying the divine being that wants to emerge as you make respecting your body and her needs your number one priority.


Sessions May Include:
* Tantric Ritual
* Breathwork
* Embodiment Practices
* Intention Setting
* Wisdom Sharing

Let's drop in together and allow me to create a unique program to support you.



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