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 The purpose and mission of Cuddle Party is to promote and enable consent, choice and nurturing touch...

Cuddly Kittens

Ever just need a HUG? Want to meet new people?

Bring your Pj's and experience a sweet bubble of nourishing connection!!

At Cuddle Party we like to say that we are providing an EMPOWERING communication workshop, cleverly disguised as a pajama party… where Consent, Safety, and Fun Collide!

Amanda is a Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator and is honored to host these events for our growing community of Cuddle Monsters! Come out and try this unique oxytocin bliss-filled experience and let your stresses melt away.


These parties are carefully orchestrated to ensure that every participant feels empowered, secure, and supported throughout the entire journey.

In our cozy, safe space, we will start with icebreakers and the rules of cuddling for the evening. You will gain practice in setting boundaries, expressing your NO and delivering it with compassion. 

Simultaneously, you will be encouraged to navigate our space with fearlessness and fun to ultimately discover your HEAVENS YES! 

Whether you prefer a bear hug, a gentle snuggle, or an affectionate hand-hold, there's room for everyone's unique comfort level and personal boundaries. This is the beauty of cuddle parties - the fun and laughter, human touch, the intimate connection formed, and the emphasis on consent and communication. Every participant is encouraged to express their desires, boundaries, and preferences openly and honestly. 

These are skills that can be taken back into your personal life and can drastically improve ALL of your relationships!

You will walk away with newfound confidence and unforgettable memories!


What you will gain:
*Personal Development
*Giving and Receiving Affection
*Healing Touch
* ♥

Think hugs, back rubs, foot rubs, nuzzling, head-scratching, spooning and all forms of non - sexual snuggling!

This is an alcohol and drug-free space and nonsexual environment.

What is Cuddle Party? Is it for you?!

Cuddle Party (Email Header)

Cuddle Party is a playshop where you can practice boundaries, conscious communication and consent.


Amanda was trained as a Cuddle Party Facilitator in 2015 and is responsible for bringing Cuddle Party to the New England area. She has held over almost 100 Cuddle Party events and is ecstatic and honored to support the large evolving Cuddle Monster community.


She is an expert in nurturing connections and teaching consent through Cuddle Parties!
Amanda is a seasoned professional with a passion for fostering authentic connections, promoting well-being, and creating safe spaces for exploration and growth.

With a background in somatic experiencing and a deep understanding of the healing power of touch, she has dedicated her career to facilitating meaningful connections and guiding individuals towards personal growth, especially in the realm of relationships and communication.


Through extensive training and a commitment to ongoing education, Amanda has honed her expertise in consent, communication, and creating environments that prioritize safety and comfort.


Her facilitation style is characterized by a delicate balance of professionalism, compassion, and lightheartedness. She possesses the ability to create an atmosphere where participants feel both at ease and empowered to explore their own boundaries and desires.


With a deep respect for diversity and inclusivity, Amanda embraces the richness of different backgrounds, identities, and perspectives.  She has helped countless individuals discover the transformative potential of platonic touch, while also providing them with essential tools for navigating consent and establishing personal boundaries.

Still wondering if

this is for you?

Listen to Amanda talk about Cuddle Party in an interview with Chion Wolf on CT Public Radio


Elevate Campus Connections & Create a Space for Consent at Your College!

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Cuddle Party is a unique opportunity to create a healthy consent culture on campus for your students to experience life-changing embodied training on boundaries and consent, in a safe and playful environment.

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