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Go Bliss Yourself Sessions

My intention for these sessions are that you walk away with Crystal Clarity and Connection to Truth, Overflowing with Love, and Permission to Activate Your Fierce Radiant Self.

These sessions are designed to allow us to be in flow with what is present for you and the barriers you are momentarily experiencing. Allow me to hold space for you to reconnect with your heart, body and soul as you remember your true self and the wisdom you already possess. You will receive practical tools to support your journey in embodying the divine being that wants to emerge as you make respecting your body and her needs your number one priority.

Investment: $120/hr

Ipsalu Tantric Mentoring

Ipsalu is an eclectic blend of Babaji Nagaraj’s Tantric Kriya Yoga and Osho Rejneesh’s body oriented, celebration of life.  With a nod to Taoist and Tibetan teachings as well. This body of work is an accelerated path to higher consciousness. Dive deeply into Tantric principles and practices with someone who has walked through the transformational fire ahead of you. Mentoring supports you to incorporate the teachings into your daily life and holds you in a non judgmental and loving way during the inevitable emotional purging process. These lessons prepare you to receive an initiation of the powerful Cosmic Cobra Breath.  You will learn how to use The Ipsalu Formula in all aspects of your life- in meditation, stressful encounters or as an integral part of lovemaking. This is a one-way journey to bliss, once aware, you cannot go back to being unaware.

Mentoring Includes:
* Review and expansion of recognized Ipsalu Tantra techniques (Meditation and Embodiment Practices)
* Sharing and honoring of experiences during your Ipsalu Tantra Practice
* Guidance and Cheerleading regarding how to maintain a daily practice
* Emotional/energy flow work
* Guidance for the Tantra Bliss Practicum exploration and study
* Initiation into the first level Cobra Breath (after adequate preparation)

Investment: $120/hr or $600 for 6 sessions (3 months, bi-weekly, 1 hr sessions)

Ananda Alchemical Apprenticeship

9 Months to Rebirth your Magnificent Self

This apprenticeship was designed to support you in birthing the radiant divine being you have locked away for too long. During this profound journey you will really integrate your revelations along the way, creating sustainable transformation that allows you to uniquely blossom into the force of nature that you are. This apprenticeship takes the Bliss Yourself Sessions to a whole other dimension!

Allow me to hold a strong, safe container for you to dive deeply and welcome intense alchemy to occur. I welcome EVERYTHING to surface as we work together, encouraging you to shed skins that no longer fit. The Permission that you have been craving to explore, expand and express is here!! I will share practices that support you in staying present and grounded in your body and richly connected to your omnipresent wisdom. You will be ready and confident to expand fully into the infinite potential your soul has been calling you towards. Blissful Existence is our birthright and together we will help you claim it!

Investment: 20 Sessions for $1927.00

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Amanda will bring you to your feet as you reconnect with yourself and learn the tools to attract more bliss into your life. Amanda will melt your heart with her personal stories and capture you with her incredible vulnerability. She does not just deliver a speech; she creates an experience. You will walk away with a few simple keys to take your daily experience of living to a whole new level:

Finding Zen in Letting go and Forgiveness

Get Blissed out on Gratitude

The Bliss Ritual


Amanda is on a mission as she is tired of seeing women burning out all over the place and is here to turn the epidemic around and help them go from burnt out to blissed out! Are you ready to outrageously improve your day-to-day experience?

Go Bliss Yourself: 

A Unique Approach to Living A Radically Positive Life

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