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Tantric Embodiment Coaching
for Women & Mamas

The temple bells have called you here...

Your soul-stirring as you read these words, a rush of excitement floods your being.


It is time to remember
It is time to embody your power and reclaim the pleasure that is your birthright
It is time to return to our cyclical rhythm

To rise in the name of the Goddess & of Love!

My intention for our time together is to help you feel heard, safe, clear, confident and energized. 

Together we will explore..

*Intuitive Dance
*Tantric Micro Meditations
*Yoni Egg Ritual
*Sacred Rage
*Sexual Expression
*Tantric Ceremony
*Tantric Puja
*Gestalt Therapy
*Somatic Experience Trauma Techniques

The Tantric journey can help you shed your anxieties, doubts, and confusion about intimacy.


This program offers you a whole tool box of ancient tantric embodiment practices that will help you navigate ANYTHING that is holding you back.


Anything that is weighing you down.


Release any story that is keeping you stuck.

These practices are my life's work and I’d be honored to share them with you to help you to:

~ Strengthen Your Subtle Energy Body,
~ Deepen Your Awareness and Empathic Abilities,
~ Experience Profound Pleasure and Intimate Connection with Reality,
~ Anchor You into the Throne of Who You Are with Confidence and Grace.

Unleashing the Magnificence of YOU and all the Hidden Gifts Within!

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